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Nosh Live Competition: RUANI’s Big Win at Pitch Slam 2022

We started this journey hoping to help others alleviate bloating, negative skin reactions, and headaches from consuming sweets by creating our adaptogenic brownies. After our founder pastry chef Anirudh, it was time to curate a product that made us and our customers feel good.

We're delighted to announce that we entered the Pitch Slam 2022 competition and came out victorious. We love celebrating our wins with our fans and followers, especially our most recent win as a Pitch Slam Champion!

We were able to win the competition only a month into our company’s launch, making it an even more victorious announcement. Below, we detail our big win so we can celebrate together.

Beating Other Emerging Brands and Industry Leaders

This event, which occurred June 13-14 in New York City, allowed us to pitch our brand on the Nosh live stage. After entering the competition, we were pitted against industry leaders and new innovators (brands and entrepreneurs) in the natural food industry. During the event, we shared our experience creating the brand, our product, the pain points that occurred while creating RUANI, and key points that help us stand out from other products and brands.

Our finalist competition at the Nosh Pitch Slam included brands like Niramaya Foods and their plant-based dips and Absurd Snacks, a company that had created a food brand that offers an allergen-friendly trail mix. Out of six finalists, we rose to the top, creating an industry-wide buzz between existing industry giants and other emerging brands.

What Is the Nosh Live Pitch Slam?

The Nosh Live Pitch Slam is an event that occurs in Santa Monica and NYC throughout the year with multiple competitions and gatherings. This event provides information from industry experts, networking opportunities, and a competition with a monetary prize and bragging rights. Throughout the event, there are more presentations to help emerging businesses on various topics.

Each year, 12 new food brands are selected to pitch their products to industry leaders. The winner gains connections to industry-decision makers to help develop and grow their business.

You can catch the conference replay(past panels) and this past event here.

What Makes RUANI Special

Created by Chef Anirudh, a pastry chef with ten years of real-world experience, RUANI aims to provide delicious sweet treats that are gut-healthy, immunity-boosting, and stress-reducing. These sweet treats were created with Anirudh's decade of experience and abundance of knowledge. Our products help you say no to store-bought options that can cause inflammation and a myriad of issues.

We put all our focus into swapping out bad ingredients with better-for-you options, like almond flour, avocado oil, and unrefined coconut oil.

Gaining approval from a panel of industry experts has helped us begin to cement ourselves in the natural food industry and provides a push to keep creating yummy treats with high-quality natural ingredients.

We know this is the first big win of many and are excited to have you on this exciting journey with us! Ready to try our products? Browse our available range of brownies, including peanut butter, coffee, and dark chocolate with sea salt.


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