12 Pack Case Delightful Peanut Butter Brownie

12 Pack Case Delightful Peanut Butter Brownie

RUANIs Delightful Peanut Butter Brownie takes the idea of a healthy appetite to a whole new level. Non-GMO peanut butter is bountifully whipped into every batch, ensuring that your body gets the energy boost it needs without the inevitable crash after you munch. Protecting your bones and aiding in muscle recovery after a hard days work, its the perfect way to celebrate your body with a treat thats designed to boost productivity the natural way. Bid farewell to gluten for good with Non-GMO Almond Flour and nourish that all-important brain function with only the freshest organic pasture-raised eggs. If youre feeling that midday slump, this peanut-powered brownie is the ultimate way to Bake it till you make it!


INGREDIENTS: Organic Dark Chocolate | Organic Peanut Butter | Non-GMO Almond Flour | Organic Ashwagandha | Sea Salt | Organic Avocado Oil | Organic Eggs | Organic unrefined Coconut Sugar

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    1. Can I keep the brownies at room temperature in my pantry?

    Yes ! Absolutely. Our brownies stay nice and moist at ambient temperature for up to 1 month. Please make sure to refrigerate them if the temperature exceeds 95 F

    2. How long can the brownies stay refrigerated?

    Brownies can stay refrigerated upto 60 days if they are promptly refrigerated upon receiving.

    3. How long should I heat the brownies for?

    We recommend heating the brownies for 20 seconds at full power for best indulging experience.

    4. Can the brownies be frozen?

    Yes ! The brownies can be frozen upto 8 months if promptly frozen upon receiving.