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6 Pack Case Decadent Coffee Brownie

6 Pack Case Decadent Coffee Brownie

Hey, go getter! Youve got places to go and goals to achieve. With a powerful coffee-infused sidekick on hand, the sky isnt even the limit for you. We use certified organic coffee in our decadent coffee brownie so you can enjoy the get-up-and-go booster benefits without worrying about any of the nasty no-nos. Avocado oil keeps that ticker of yours in tip-top shape, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and keeping your skin glowing so you can stay looking just as good as you feel. Organic coconut sugar is filled with all the electrolytes, minerals, and raw antioxidants you need to gear your body up for greatness as you munch your way to optimal vitality.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Dark Chocolate | Organic Coffee Powder | Non-GMO Almond Flour | Organic Ashwagandha | Sea Salt | Organic Avocado Oil | Organic Eggs | Organic unrefined Coconut Sugar

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    1. Can I keep the brownies at room temperature in my pantry?

    Yes ! Absolutely. Our brownies stay nice and moist at ambient temperature for up to 6 months. Please make sure to refrigerate them if the temperature exceeds 95 F

    2. How long can the brownies stay refrigerated?

    Brownies can stay refrigerated upto 240 days if they are promptly refrigerated upon receiving.

    3. How long should I heat the brownies for?

    We recommend heating the brownies for 15 seconds at full power for best indulging experience.

    4. Can the brownies be frozen?

    Yes ! The brownies can be frozen upto 8 months if promptly frozen upon receiving.

    No Dairy
    No Gluten
    No GMO
    Gut Friendly
    No Soy
    No Grain
    No Refined Sugar
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